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DMC by Heartland

DMC by Heartland is the exclusive North American importer for a comprehensive line of DMC products. Based in Franklin, Indiana, DMC by Heartland is a leader in expanding DMC products throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

DMC provides CNC lathes, milling machines, and machining centers to companies in the diesel engine and fuel injection, aerospace, orthopedic, and automotive industries and job shops that are suppliers to these industries. Heartland brings an extensive 4-year history of selling, tooling and servicing the DMC product line. DMC by Heartland offers exceptional value at a fair price for machines that are reliable and high performing.



Since 1944, DMC has been delivering high-quality, high-performance products, including horizontal and vertical CNC turning centers, vertical machining centers, tapping centers and lathes. DMC machines, with both large- and small-sized models, are known for high precision, automation accessibility, and excellent durability.
To learn more about DMC visit: www.ffg-dmc.com.


Industries Served

Subaru-RWD-sports-car-fq-688x484 Automotive
Auto industry is one of the most steadily growing industrial fields, and customers look for the long-term and short-term systematic production plans to help them stay at the top of the game. With DMC lathes, tested and acknowledged for its durability and reliability, you can realize enhanced productivity with a competitive edge.
Machining turbine engine parts and landing gear require advanced and efficient technology in handling high-intensity alloys. DMC machining center can offer a solution by presenting great surface finishes even in the most complicated projects.
Medical Products
Medical industry needs highly advanced technology to ensure quality and to machine the instruments out of foreign materials. DMC provides multi-faceted process plan that suits whatever customer expects in fast and strong heavy duty cutting.
Construction Equipment
Construction equipment is used under various outdoors conditions, often extremely harsh, and thus needs to be strong and lasts long years. DMC’s large size turning center and lathes promise high rigidity and high efficiency quality that leads to greater performance of your construction equipment.
IT Industry
IT is one of the hottest businesses in the 21st century and sees continuous increase in demands.  DMC’s tapping center and small size turning center are best for large-lot production at fast speed. You can count on DMC to assist your business to be more successful and efficient.
uss-usa-aircraft-carrier-ship-saipan Ship Building
A recent trend requires ships to be equipped with larger engines and the ship building industry looks for a machine that easily handles large-size work piece and heavy duty cutting. DMC’s large turning center offers optimal quality and continuous high accuracy required for this industry.