Automation Line




Automation system

After studying the material of the work piece and the cutting position, we can recommend to you the best machines that we have. The DL 6G, DL 6T, DL 8G and DL 8T are among the most popular models.

Automation line

  • Types and characteristics of the automation systems
  • Automation systems can be largely categorized to the “Inside Supplying Type”, “Outside Horizontal Type Loader”, and “Gantry Loader”
  • “Inside Supplying Type” has shorter cycle time, and it works great for small work pieces

Work piece

Our automation system is known for great ability to handle auto parts such as sleeve, hub, socket,
ball joint, brake disk, drum. Machining piston pin, bearing, shaft are also possible.


Automation line installed on site for the customer.

Automation Examples

DSC_7805  DSC_9497

DSC_9434  DSC_9397