Training & Education

Training & Education

DMC by Heartland provides basic and advanced training opportunities to operators, programmers and technicians on manufacturing skills and CNC operations through its network of qualified distributors. Whether you need on-site training support or service on demand when a machine is down, we understand that time is precious in your production cycle and in your business success.

Education and training sessions DMC by Heartland distributors are able to provide may include:

  • Basic Programming in Machining Centers
  • Basic Programming in Lathes
  • Advanced Programming in Machining Center
  • Advanced Programming in Lathes
  • Machine Maintenance & Diagnostics

DMC by Heartland also works collaboratively with its distributors to develop new talent in the machine tool industry. This is our commitment to supporting a strong future in the machining support for the automotive, medical device, aerospace, construction and other industries that make up the fabric of America.

To learn more or to request on-site team training opportunities or a one-on-one technical refresher, contact DMC by Heartland at (317) 346-0463 or email us at: You may also contact a distributor in your region by clicking here.

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